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We build robust relationships by making ethical, collaborative, impactful and measured decisions.

Local authorities

Since its inception K10 has worked closely with local authorities to maximise the employment opportunities for their residents. This is achieved by turning aspirations outlined within contractual obligations into deliverable approaches which are measured, managed and assessed.

Our services include:

  • Provide regular reports on the activity undertaken in the borough and the individuals that have benefited as a result.
  • Provide outreach within the borough which is often targeted towards groups that the local authority identified as a priority.
  • Provide pre-employment training which looks to integrate employability training with skills gaps that have been identified within the industry.
  • Provide mapping of all apprenticeship opportunities across the borough.
  • Provide a simple approach which is independent of any contractor and developer which enables local residents to benefit from apprenticeships within their borough.
  • Provide positive role models within the communities we work in and enable the local authority to demonstrate the social return on the investment.

FAQs local authorities

  • We want to increase the number of apprenticeships available to our local residents, can you help us?

    Yes we can. Please email tomstorey@k-10.co.uk

  • I’m interested in learning about best practice from other local authorities, is this possible?

    Yes. Please email tomstorey@k-10.co.uk

  • Do you work for local authorities?

    Ultimately, our clients are developers and contractors. We do however work closely with a number of local authorities and will be happy to discuss how we can work with you to create a framework that encourages and supports an increase in local apprenticeship opportunities. Please email tomstorey@k-10.co.uk

Developers & contractors

K10 is an award winning market leader which has been established through successful delivery on a number of high profile projects with many of the leading contractors and developers in the country.

Our expertise is in the planning, strategy and delivery of employment and skills programmes.

Our services include:

  • Providing support during planning applications or bid submissions.
  • Create employment and skills strategy.
  • Undertaking targeted outreach to support a particular client group into employment.
  • Provide bespoke pre-employment training which meets industry need and assess applicants suitability
  • Provide the employment of the individuals and ensuring they are sustainable employed.
  • Provide on-going mentoring and support.
  • Provide engagement with colleges.
  • Provide case studies and PR opportunities linked with the individuals that have been supported.
  • Provide support from planning through to delivery. An approach which enables our clients to demonstrate how they have collaborated effectively, invested in their supply chain and had a demonstrable positive social impact.

FAQs developers & contractors

  • What is an ATA?

    An Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) is a unique approach to the employment of apprentices. In particular, we can support contractors who, due to the short nature of contracts, are unable to commit to employing an apprentice for the full period of their apprenticeship. We act as the apprentice employer and place the apprentice with a host employer for an agreed length of time.

  • Can you provide me with local labour?

    Ideally, we will work with you from the beginning to produce an Employment Skills Plan (ESP) and can then also provide apprentices who meet your local labour requirements on site.

  • Who pays for the apprentice?

    Ultimately K10’s client pays for the apprentice, however there are a number of ways this can be structured and part of our early discussions would be to confirm the most appropriate funding method.

  • How often do apprentices attend college?

    This varies depending on the trade they are qualifying in as well as previous qualifications they may have. Usually the apprentice will attend college 1 day a week, but some may attend less at certain times throughout the year.

  • What responsibilities will I have as a host employer?

    Prior to the apprentice starting on site, K10 will provide a pre-agreed skills scan which ensures the required elements of the framework are carried out on site. As with any new team or site member, a health and safety induction will be carried out on the first day. A Supervisor/Mentor will be allocated to the apprentice. You will be required to diarise some time for the College Assessor to visit site. K10 is the apprentice’s direct employer; therefore we provide a PAYE contract, holiday pay, SSP and all required HR functions.

  • What happens to the apprentice when the works package finishes on site?

    Prior to the apprentice starting with you we will agree the estimated amount of time you will host him/her. Should the works programmes change we require at least 4 weeks’ notice. The advantage of the ATA is that, when works on site finish, the apprentice returns to K10 and we place them on another site with a different host contractor. Alternatively, you may want to take the apprentice to another site or employ them directly. If the trainee is happy with this arrangement then this is the ideal scenario.

National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)

K10 is a National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) accredited Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). The ATA model is intended to support the delivery of a high quality apprenticeship programme with a focus on employers who wish to use the services of an ATA to source, arrange and host their apprenticeships. This could be for a number of reasons including them not being able to commit to the full framework, short term restrictions on employee numbers, or uncertainty about the value of an apprenticeship.

The distinctive feature of the ATA model is that it is the ATA which acts as the apprentice’s employer and which places them with a host employer. The host employer pays the ATA a fee for the apprentice’s services; this fee being based on the wage agreed with the host (at least the minimum apprentice wage) and the ATA management fee.

If circumstances change and the host employer is unable to retain the apprentice, the ATA will find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice giving them the reassurance that they can continue their apprenticeship.

The ATA is not a ‘temporary work’ business, but rather a means to manage and give real flexibility to the delivery of a high quality apprenticeship. This flexibility also applies where employers may not be able to offer all aspects of a framework but linking them with other host employers allows the full range to be covered. For the apprentice, the ATA gives another route into an apprenticeship which can offer them the opportunity to experience a range of employers and increased security around the continuation of their apprenticeship.

As a NAS accredited ATA, K10 has to adhere to an ATA Framework, details of which can be found below on the National Apprenticeship Service website:


Further education colleges

Education is a key element of the apprenticeship programme. We partner with Skills Funding Agency (SFA)  funded  local training colleges to design and deliver relevant training leading to recognised accreditation for our apprentices.

K10s training partners across London include The College of Haringey, Enfield & North East London (Conel), Hackney Community College, Tower Hamlets College, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Newham College, Croydon College, Kings Cross Construction and the Building Crafts College.

K10 want to work with partners to deliver a first class apprenticeship program. If you would like to discuss how we may be able to work with your college or organisation please email elainemcculloch@k-10.co.uk

Referral organisations & charities

K10 work with a large network of job centres, charities and other employment and community agencies to source candidates for our apprenticeship opportunities. We seek to help our partners improve their success rates in placing people into sustainable employment.

For further information and to discuss how your organisation can work in partnership with K10 please email elainemcculloch@k-10.co.uk

FAQs referral organisations & charities

  • I’d like to refer a young person that I am currently working with. How can I do this?

    Please ask them to complete our application form ensuring they state how they heard about us.

  • I am a referral organisation based in London and would like to work with K10 more closely. How can we do this?

    Please contact Elaine McCulloch on 0203 6962 670 or email elainemcculloch@k-10.co.uk