Cyber Security Awareness

Training Courses

Location: London

Training Date(s): Last Monday of the month

Apply by: Anytime

Course duration: 2 days

Cost: £1,500 plus vat


This course is for anyone wishing to work in the field of Cyber Security in a business environment. The course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake analysis, management and monitoring of Cyber Security.

What Is It?

K-10 in conjunction with Integral Security Xssurance Ltd, a leading provider in Cyber Security, have developed a Cyber Awareness Course for Business Administration and Finance Professionals. The course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake analysis, management and monitoring of Cyber Security.

This course will provide you with the skills and experience needed to progress into roles within IT, Cyber, Finance and Business Administration. Completion of this qualification will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Cyber Security, especially in reducing the “human elements” of Cyber threats.

Why Is It Important?

There were nearly 6 million fraud and cyber crimes last year and over 80% of UK companies have experienced some form of successful cyber breach. Cyber Crime is a real and serious threat to modern businesses.

The expertise gained on this course will provide you with invaluable skills for a business environment and provide you with a practical knowledgebase to help mitigate the risks associated with Cyber Crime.

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Who Is It For?

This qualification is an ideal entry-level training course for anyone working in business administration. The course is designed for non-technical people such as those working in HR, Finance, Administration and as PA’s, taking you through how to combat cyber threats in an easy to understand step-by-step process.

This course is also relevant if you work within an organisation with access to sensitive information. It will enhance your existing expertise and help you develop new skills to help protect sensitive information and mitigate the risks of cyber attack.

Do you need any prior qualifications?There are no prior qualifications necessary to enroll on this course.

Who needs this qualification?

Appropriate for anyone wishing to pursue a career within Cyber Security in an IT, Finance or Business Administrative environment.

Syllabus and More Information

How Does It Work?

The course will be delivered to you at K10’s training centre in London.

The course is broken into 3 modules: –

  • Understand – What is Cyber Security and why is it important in business administration and Finance roles.
  • Prevent – Developing awareness, skills and ‘tools’ to identify and mitigate threats.
  • Secure – How to embed this cyber awareness into the DNA of an organisation.

Where Do I Go?

Our training centre is based in Southwark, London, SE1.



Have any questions?

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