K10 services | Development of employment & skills plans and negotiation of Section 106 commitments

Strategic Development & Operational Planning

Development of employment & skills plans and negotiation of Section 106 commitments

Because of our significant operational experience of supporting developers and contractors to deliver these types of commitments and our working knowledge of the construction sector, we are able to support clients to develop robust strategies that create tangible, positive outcomes for local communities:

  • Our ESPs support the delivery of employment and training outputs through planning, procurement and delivery.
  • Each construction project is different and our approach seeks to maximise project outputs with the resources available. Our plans are developed in consultation with a site project team at the time of instruction.
  • We advise on how a project can deliver training obligations (funded or unfunded), and provide certainty on delivery of training outputs through establishing a robust budget.
  • Our plans respond to  project obligations, client requirements and resource available. They include processes for how a project can demonstrate the notification of employment opportunities locally.
  • We recognise that modern construction programmes involve high levels of sub-contracting and support our clients to mobilise the supply chain to commit and deliver against the overall ESP.
  • We support project reporting by managing data collection and analysis across the supply chain.
  • In supporting the negotiation of S106 agreements, we base our negotiation on experience of what can feasibly be delivered, accounting for time and cost overruns, and labour attrition.

We help clients ensure that all legal obligations reflect a project’s delivery capabilities.

The K10 approach looks to evaluate the cost of delivering apprentices and other training outputs to offset these against other planning obligations.