Monthly Archives: June 2017

‘Keavey Wonder! Callum Signs, Seals and Delivers His Plumbing Apprenticeship’

Callum Keavey Age: 21 Trade: Plumber Borough: Waltham Forest Apprenticeship: Level 2 Plumbing Systems Background: Prior to starting his apprenticeship with K10, Callum was working part time doing basic plumbing with a property maintenance company alongside looking for an apprenticeship. What happened next:  Callum was brought in to K10HQ for an interview and sailed through with […]

Gentry, Apprentice of the Century? Shirley Completes Level 3 Management!

Shirley-Ann Gentry Age: 21 Trade: Management Borough: Hackney Apprenticeship: Level 3 Management Background: Previous to K10, Shirley was working for Paddy Power as an assistant manager for around £11 an hour. Shirley started looking for an apprenticeship and was referred over by one of her good friend’s that was already working for K10. Although this seemed […]