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Outreach & recruitment

K10 recognises that effective outreach and recruitment is essential to delivering sustainable employment, as it is the first important step in the process of successfully matching individuals, opportunities and employers.

Our outreach & recruitment strategy begins with scoping and clearly defining the overall aims of a project across the apprenticeship, traineeship, local labour and up-skilling spectrum.

Once the intended outcomes are agreed, we will plan a bespoke outreach programme and recruitment plan in line with the project’s objectives, ensuring the most suitable candidates are matched to work experience and job opportunities in a timely and appropriate manner.

1 Partnering

K10 partner with a carefully selected group of referral bodies to generate suitable & eligible candidate leads. Partners include charities, borough job brokerages, JCP’s, training providers, local community and sports groups.

2 Recruitment

As well as regular outreach to these referral bodies, we design & implement bespoke job fairs and recruitment events in the local community, often in partnership with local colleges, charities and community groups and to ensure maximum reach.

3 External advertising

A bespoke job advert will also be posted on proven job-boards & websites as approved by the client. The sites we use include TotalJobs, National Apprenticeship Service, GetMyFirstJob, notgoingtouni, Gumtree, CareerMap.

4 Internal advertising

As well as the external outreach, we also implement a robust advertising campaign through our internal channels, the K10 website, our social media platforms as well as bespoke mailers to our existing talent pool within the K10 Database.

Following the Outreach, we conduct a rigorous recruitment process, agreed prior to project engagement.

1 Applying

Initial telephone screens are conducted with short-listed candidates to establish reasons for applying for the apprenticeship, understanding of the role/programme, any experience/qualifications (if required).

2 Team building

Suitable candidates are invited to our weekly K10 Academy (group recruitment session) which incorporates team-build tasks, scenarios, course details, video/discussion, functional skills assessments, 1:1 interviews and any additional info as required by the client.

3 Interview

The Academy is intended to be a rigorous interview process and lasts 3-4 hours. K10 Academy can be adapted to incorporate particular elements of a client’s specific recruitment requirements.

4 Personal data

We collect and securely store all relevant documentation, including tests, passport, proof of address, equal opportunities and personal data.

5 CSCS Training & Card

If required, we also help young people pass their Construction Skills Certification Scheme test (CSCS), funded by K10.