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Performance, impact & legacy monitoring

K10 has extensive experience of developing and implementing robust Performance, Impact & Legacy Monitoring (PILM) strategies.

This includes performance monitoring strategies for the Section 106 obligations and commitments allied to major developments and also for grant funded regeneration programmes that we have delivered, such as in Hounslow, which exceeded all targets and was regarded as a huge success across the industry.

We believe that effective monitoring is an essential element within each strategy for creating pathways into sustainable employment rather than a ‘nice to have’. Not only do our systems enable our public and private sector clients to evidence the impact of their activities, but they also enable us to support our clients to deliver continuous improvement and strategic agility within their delivery approach, by identifying when a change of approach is needed and working with us to respond to this need.

The key features of K10’s approach to PILM include:

  • Our Adapt ICT system acts as a live database for each project and individual supported. Adapt enables us to profile each beneficiary supported and to log the interventions that have supported them.
  • Personalised engagement is at the heart of our approach as our success is about people not statistics. We employ a structure regime of contact, which includes calls, texts and emails to participants; referral partners and employers and regular in-person meetings.
  • We keep detailed records for audit, eligibility and validation purposes, which is essential for all grant-funded activities.
  • We focus on understanding the success we have helped our beneficiaries to achieve on a human level. All participants undertake exit interviews and we seek to maintain regular contact beyond the end of our formal engagement to check on the well-being of our beneficiaries. We have adopted the Office for National Statistics (ONS) best practice approach for measuring wellbeing and distance travelled through their experience with us.